Communicate in 3D

Verold Studio empowers artists, makers, and developers with the visual tools and publishing platform for interactive 3D on the Web


Built with Verold Studio

CG Artists and Makers can use our real-time 3D viewer to showcase their work as it was meant to be seen. Web Designers and Developers can build full apps, games, and web experiences - then publish to desktop or mobile.

How it works

Verold Studio unlocks the power of modern web APIs: WebGL, Web Workers, Web Audio, WebRTC, Web Sockets, and more. All packaged in a component entity model based visual editor, ready for you to use and extend. What will you make?

  • Import 3D assets

    Import your 3D models from Maya, 3D Studio Max, ZBrush, Mudbox, Blender, or any other 3D modelling tool and edit them online.

  • Create your 3D experience

    Do you need to add a HTML UI or maybe build an interactive game with animation and sound? Our tools make it easier than you think.

  • Share with the world

    When you’re ready to show the world what you’ve made, publish using our embeddable viewer or export the code and host yourself.

Why you'll love Verold Studio

  • Import any 3D formats

    Verold supports FBX, Collada, OBJ, STL, PLY, and more

  • Powerful visual editor

    Setup your scenes, materials, lighting and animations

  • Real-time collaboration

    Share your work with clients and collaborate with your project team

  • Showcase your work

    Embed your 3D project anywhere, as easy as a Youtube video

  • Javascript & three.js

    The language and framework everyone knows (or should)

  • Seamless integration

    Design your UI in HTML/CSS and your application logic in Javascript

  • Device agnostic

    Your Apps can be published to desktop or mobile

  • It just works

    All you need is a modern browser; no plugins required

Who is using Verold Studio

It's a big job changing the face of the web. We're delighted to be working with some of the best minds in the industry, our incredible partners.

  • CGSociety
  • Game Textures
  • Leap Motion
  • Leap Motion
  • Leap Motion

Or explore 3D projects by Verold users